A gentle place

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A sound
In the blue sea, he's swirling around no fright
no light
no one to notice the things in his sight
There's a living emotion caught within in his flight
Nothing is helping against their pride
They don't know here at least he's free

A cry
Bright water and green sky -- to dive
A gentle feeling is missing in his life
now he's sure, they're going down

What is it about ?
What do they say ?
What does it mean to you?
is it for real or an illusion

He wants back
They're nowhere to be seen
all around
This place is truely dead
so afraid
all full of hate
he doesn't want to stay

The light is there
Whatever it's about
He can't say
Everything's so strange

He's back
and they are nowhere near
all around
the water's still alive
not afraid
as it's a gentle place
where he's finally free 


Update: 25.03.06
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