What does the music of Talis sound like?

Horrible! Shocking! Unbelievable! If you trust the statements of a vocalist that we had invited once, our music sounds "as if you're in a shopping mall and you're looking for something, though you don't know what, but you can't find it". Uhm.. well..

According to Talis, the music is melody orientated Prog, that tries to navigate around the cliffs of of both neoprog and retroprog cliché, but instead tries to find its own way in trying to create interesting and stylisticly different passages and songs. You don't know what "prog" or "neoprog"/"retroprog" is? Just think about "rock music with more than 3 chords". But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how the music could or should be categorized.

It's our aim to have the songs speak for themselves without having to abjure technicalities. The songs are supposed to be neither compulsively simple, nor compulsively complex. The songs should reflect what seems necessary from a purely musical point of view. It should be fun making the music and it should be fun listening to the music. For the former, we think we have succeeded. For the latter, the judgement is passed on to the reader. We don't want to become famous or rich with our music (or even with jazz) and we even less want to become so rich, that we can ruin the whole economic system. (Don't laugh. Such kind of goals aren't entirely made up.)

If you want to judge yourself how Talis sounds, then just head to Samples, where downloads of some of the songs of the album "Cities" can be found.

How was Talis founded?

Talis originated from a band project in which, amongst others, Michael Kohlmannslehner (gt), Steffen Conrad (keys), Carsten Groß (voc) and Michael Maas (voc) were involved. The band was looking for a bassist for quite a while. After finally finding one, the group disbanded shortly afterwards.

Michael Kohlmannslehner and Steffen Conrad decided to try something different. First small steps with Cubase and Midi had been done and soon the wish for "more" had emerged. Thus also audio-recording was added to the project. Whole songs were taken into account and finally additional musicians became part of Talis. The complexity of the music and the project itself did increase to the point where the band decided to put the music into the frame of a CD to be published and sold.

During this process, 3 years have passed and more than 70 minutes of music was composed, recorded and reworked. The result of all this work is now availabe on the CD "Cities".

Update: 25.03.06
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