The race

vorheriger Song nächster Song

Another time another place
sometimes i recall these days
days which passed
something changes
the truth is, you just turned the pages

   To read a story
   you've seen before
   without hope and glory
   you always did
   you turn around 

You got to meet some different faces
scars not even time erases
it ain't some of yours
good to pretend to suffer
and while the price is paid
a live has been unmade

    Life is what you see,
    what you feel and want to hear
    what you want,
    what you need and what you fear
    you who sees 
    who feels and you who breaths
    you that runs and fails

In this time 
and this place
sometimes i forget these days
while you run
nothing changes
what remains
are a few more stories


Update: 25.03.06
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