vorheriger Song nächster Song

In all his former life
he was lead into the bright and shining light
to do all that he ever might
and find out it was all a mistake.

It was all in a day's work
that was all the time that it took
no one gives him a second look
and now he's back into the dark to lurk

she was always living on a loan
all the good things she didn't get to see
but now she's finally free
and broke into a life of her own

Time to fly 
pass on by
Time to turn
still have to learn
Turn the time
reverse the crime
waste your time away
Time wastes you away
Time flies by
leaving us to die.

It was just a single fatefull day
and now all that they ever have to say
it is to be no more

but then he sees a familiar face 
somewhere deep with in the crowd
he's keeping up a different pace
his cloak is turning into a shroud

just like the images that passed 
her life has changed to stay
just for another day 
she knows it isn't going to last
no matter what life goes on anyway
just for now she's painting her day


Update: 25.03.06
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